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Your guests will be m-pressed!

Take a break in the in the hustle and bustle, close your eyes and enjoy! Inhale the flavor and smile! Creating an eye-catcher at trade fairs, congresses and other events?

With our mobile coffee bar we accomplish this at any place!


While we are entertaining your customers with our fine coffees we are supporting you in your role as host with professionalism and cordiality.


Our services range from coffee specialties such as Espresso and Cappuccino to fine teas and chocolates. What do you think about a coffee cocktail especially created for You?


Usually we are serving our coffee in the typical Italian style porcelain. But we could also use printed cups with your company’s logo.


While  brewing our espresso the compliance  of all preparation parameters are very important to us. Magical latte art demonstrates great barista art in its beauty and taste!

Did you know? Only two of our baristas beat any fully automatic coffee machine in quality and speed!


A coffee bar provides a place for communication and relaxation! Maybe soon at your place ?


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